Our Story

Bellingar Estates began as my vision: to make a living farming, to spend the best part of my days outside and avoid getting a “real job” at all costs, and to build a legacy for my family.

That vision took me from Northwest Washington, where my family has been farmers, tradesmen, and rascals by turns, for over 100 years, to the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  The first stop was for schooling (and a wife! Thanks Kim!), then to manage vineyards, and now to put down roots.

I have been amazingly lucky to have designed, developed, and managed many of the finest vineyards in the state of Oregon, worked with dozens of amazing winemakers, and tasted wines that reminded me of what it meant to be alive. After more than a decade making artisanal wine in the garagiste style, the time came to take the leap to a grander enterprise. 2014 brought not only our first commercial vintage, but the latest generation of Bellingars, although it will be a few years before little Aria is tall enough to top barrels.

Oregon Pinot noir will always evoke magic for me. From tending mossy headed vines that are older than I am, to driving tractor by moonlight at harvest, to barrel tasting in the barns and garages of friends and  learning from some of the founders of the wine industry.  Winegrowing in Oregon is something special.

It is in this spirit that Kim and I hope to make the work of our hands the joy of your table. Enjoy with family, friends, food, or fireworks!

Evan Bellingar